[testimonials][tlist name=”Melissa Moseley, ASID, CID, LEED AP | Associate | HKS”]After years of considering a change in my career, it was finally last year when I took the plunge. I had close to twenty years’ experience in my field and I knew I wanted more from my career. I quickly discovered there is a sweet spot between too little experience and too much experience. I was teetering on the latter. I started to talk with Craig about strategies on a very casual basis that evolved into more. It was Craig that fundamentally changed the way I approached this job of finding a new job. He reviewed my resume and cover letters, of course, but it was when a company I was very interested in working with came back with a “no” that changed the course of my search. I was disappointed and deflated, but Craig was excited. He showed me the challenge ahead was not a lost cause. We had something to work with. Why did they say no? What can we do to show them that they are making a mistake? He coached me on finding ways to quantify my skills and demonstrate my strengths in a way that built a solid business case for why this firm should invest in hiring me. It took several presentations and interviews, but I did finally get the job offer! Craig worked alongside me preparing me with constructive criticism and advice throughout the entire process. His valuable insight and expertise is something I will carry with me for years to come. [/tlist][/testimonials]

[testimonials][tlist name=”Kathy Thomas”]Craig has been one of my trusted mentors for countless years. He is consistently supportive and a positive influence in my life. I have relied on him regarding matters of work and also personal growth. Craig gives thoughtful input that does not feel like hard hitting advice, and he thrives on brainstorming. When I leave a meeting with Craig I feel inspired, and I’m overflowing with exciting ideas and subjects of interest. Working with him provides steady progress and a roadmap for success.[/tlist][/testimonials]

[testimonials][tlist name=”Austin Fitzgerald, Associate IIDA | Graphics Committee Member | IIDA Virginia/West Virginia Chapter”]I’ve had the opportunity to hear Craig speak on multiple occasions, and each time I found something that challenged my perception of the journey to success. The first was during my time as a student. From it, I was introduced to many of his concepts which inspired me to navigate the challenges of student and postgraduate life with confidence and a sense of direction. The energy of his presentation is sure to resonate with the student to the executive, and everyone in between. With his ability to engage an audience with a warmth that is only generated from the most genuine of people and his ‘tell it like it is’ approach, he is sure to challenge you to be your best.[/tlist][/testimonials]

[testimonials][tlist name=”Linda Pye | Pye Interiors | Charlottesville, VA”]When Craig walks into a room he immediately fills it with positive energy!  And the minute you present him with your company’s goal or challenge, he focuses that energy, along with his business experience and his passion for working with people, on coming up with solutions and action steps to get you where you want to go.  Craig served as the mediator of our Company Day and was a huge asset in helping us define our goals and refine our approach towards making them actually happen.  We left feeling very empowered![/tlist][/testimonials]

[testimonials][tlist name=”Chelsea Hornberger”]Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our mock interview. Your advice was so truthful and incredibly helpful. It was refreshing to hear constructive feedback that I can now use to help me grow. I especially enjoyed that you didn’t just tell me what to work on but you helped me fix it. I look forward to showing you all I learned.[/tlist][/testimonials]

[testimonials][tlist name=”Cecilia Hernandez Nichols”]I completely and without reservation recommend Craig Stargardt to anyone who is interested in developing, polishing and fostering professional, forward thinking, creative and positive marketing and sales skills in the business world. Craig has been advising Formwork first as our go-to representative for all things fabric and later as a sales and marketing guru for nearly a decade. We value his insights into how we can better present ourselves, how we talk about our work and how we position our company within a sea of design companies. Craig is able to read the strengths and weaknesses of an organization and to offer understandable and implementable paths to build on the strengths and to overcome the weaknesses. He is able to do all of this within the context of interesting conversations and with an open mind and a great sense of humor. You will not regret making him part of your company’s path to a better sales future.[/tlist][/testimonials]