Corporate Services

Getting your group on track and in sync.

As the new generation filters into the current workplace, the whole dynamic of the workforce is changing. In contract furnishings industry especially, you have to work hard to embrace this evolution. By doing so, your company can boast a deep diversity of thought, combining new ideas with practical experience.

Motivate Forward is here to help you achieve that. Maybe your group needs to learn a new sales strategy on how to sell to architects and interior design firms. Maybe you have a single issue that needs to be addressed company-wide in an effective way. Or maybe your staff needs advice on evaluating potential markets. For topics such as these, Motivate Forward is the catalyst for action.

How to sell across generations.

We can teach your group how to reach out to and work with people of all ages, and of all walks of life. Or, retain us to address any key issues within the company. Simply meet with us, and we’ll hone a program specifically for your situation. Or, if you prefer, we can deliver a more general motivational presentation, or combine both group and one-on-one coaching. Following are a list of topics that can be covered in both a group and individual setting:

Sales coaching.

  1. Strategic account planning, including account targeting, territory management, travel frequency, and account analysis.
  2. Building relationships, covering topics such as problem-solving, behavioral ethics, entertaining clients, and positioning yourself as an indispensable resource.
  3. Project management, including problem resolution, time management, project planning, bidding, delivery, and follow-up.
  4. Positioning for success, which includes industry involvement, personal presentation, and dressing appropriately.
  5. Account management tools and learning resources that can set the groundwork for your organization and personal growth.
  6. Presentation skills.

Workforce training.

Training isn’t about standing in front of a group and flipping through a Powerpoint presentation. Training means engaging the audience, making sure they understand not just what needs to be done, but why it needs to happen. The key is to empower the group to take action, based on how your company does business.

Developing new markets.

Growth is the goal of just about every FF&E company — but how can you expand in a smarter, more successful way? The key is to reach into the right new markets. We can show your team how to work a market, analyze the marketplace and determine where your product or service fits within it. Through an in-depth look at the current situation, your team can understand the dynamics of the marketplace and explore ways to adapt sales tactics to work more effectively. As a group, you’ll define your company’s key differentiating factors, and match those qualities with opportunity.

Classroom Seminars.

Whether it’s a weekly brown-bag event or a once a year “energy injection,” Motivate Forward’s classroom seminars can help revitalize your sales team. Pick a topic — generational sales, critical thinking, business ethics, problem-solving, corporate etiquette in a casual world — or tell us what your situation is, and we’ll develop suggested topics around that.