Education Services

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Education Services.

Bringing real-world insight to the classroom.

Today’s educators are faced with so many challenges. As their responsibilities become more demanding in the academic world, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for teachers to keep their finger on the pulse of the corporate world.

Motivate Forward can be your classroom’s liaison to the working world. By bringing students up-to-the-minute insight on the workings of today’s businesses, we can give them the edge they need to step into a successful career.

Topics we can cover in a classroom setting include:

  1. How to present yourself as a professional
  2. Transitioning from backpack to briefcase
  3. Honing your interview skills
  4. The do’s and don’ts of being in the workforce
  5. Business etiquette
  6. Becoming your own brand

These topics are simply suggestions. We can develop a presentation for you based on any topics you believe need to be covered. And all presentations can be designed to complement your current curriculum.

Individual student counseling.

Every student could use guidance when it comes to their future. We can meet with students one-on-one to give advice, offer insight and lay the groundwork for professional development.

I regularly coach students on self-branding, so they can “package” themselves for hiring, yet remain true to who they are. Other areas include:

  1. Preparing for the Working World, with overviews of what is going to be expected of you in the workplace.
  2. Dressing appropriately, whether it’s for a traditional suit audience or a jeans and t-shirt startup.
  3. Making yourself indispensable — and yes, this is certainly doable for today’s young graduates.

Personal mentoring.

With Motivate Forward, personal growth doesn’t stop when the session is over. We can be your go-to resource for personal growth, advising you on finding jobs, interviewing, navigating the industry and staying on top as a successful professional. As your professional mentors, we are always available for “career checkups.”