Individual Services

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Individual Services.

It’s like getting a personal trainer for your sales career.

Each of us has our own skill set, a unique combination of capabilities and traits that define us and help us become indispensable. Recognizing those skills, and understanding how they apply outside the box of your current job, can be an enlightening process. Together, we can define your skill set and determine how to apply your qualities to improve your job situation and performance.

Become your own brand.

When you work for a company, you represent a brand. But you, yourself, are also a brand. The best situations arise when both brands are aligned — for example when a forward thinker represents a forward-thinking company. As your personal brand guide, I will show you how to showcase yourself to stand out among the crowd in the contract furnishings industry, and to show the world how interesting you really are. Working with architects and interior designers, companies who specialize in branding companies, you earn respect and a place on the team by being the best and most knowledgeable resource for your client.

How to sell across generations.

Boomers prefer to meet. Gen Xers want an email. Gen Y’s want a text. Yes, each age group has a very different way of doing business. But there is a way to bridge the differences, and to maximize the experience and knowledge of all groups. Through one-on-one coaching, you will learn to communicate with all generations. Areas of training for performance improvement include:

  1. Strategic account planning, with an emphasis on targeting new business, managing territories and analyzing your accounts.
  2. Building relationships, with insight on problem-solving, business ethics and service standards.
  3. Project management, which covers time management, project phases, situation resolution, bidding, delivery, and follow-up.
  4. Positioning yourself for success through organizational involvement, networking a room, professional dress, and LEED accreditation.
  5. Presentation skills, including advice on positioning your product.
  6. Account management tools and resources that can give you an organizational edge.

“From Backpack to Briefcase” — Coaching on professionalism.

Give your graduate an advantage in the workforce. Consider signing him or her up for Motivate Forward’s “Backpack to Briefcase” coaching. This one-on-one coaching will teach your new grad what he or she didn’t learn in school, with the insight needed to transition from college to the working world.